1. jennli123:

I redid it in color. Black children are denied their innocence and childhood, even in death.


    I redid it in color. Black children are denied their innocence and childhood, even in death.

  2. CITGO. Bye Boston.

    CITGO. Bye Boston.

  3. Fenway at twilight.

    Fenway at twilight.

  4. Green Monster, Tom Petty.

    Green Monster, Tom Petty.

  5. On the radio as we get off the mass pike in Boston !

    On the radio as we get off the mass pike in Boston !

  6. Replacements poster for forest hills in my neighborhood. :-)

    Replacements poster for forest hills in my neighborhood. :-)

  7. Aug. 27 1:35 pm


  8. Tori Amos - Streets of Philadelphia. OUTSTANDING. 

  9. [Sunset Tower Records, Los Angeles] : Forney, Darrell : Free Streaming : Internet Archive →

    Description: The color film captures one of Tower Records flagship stores, located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. 

    From 1971! Dig the fashion, the $2.77 sale price for new releases, the ash tray on the register counter.

  10. digandbedoug:

Four-color silkscreen print for a Replacements poster show.


    Four-color silkscreen print for a Replacements poster show.

  11. digandbedoug:

Four-color silkscreen print for a Replacements poster show.

Another ‘mats poster for Minneapolis!


    Four-color silkscreen print for a Replacements poster show.

    Another ‘mats poster for Minneapolis!

  12. Record Shopping For Old People

    I went into a NYC record store yesterday to pick up two copies of the new Gaslight Anthem record. I’ve had the digital files for a couple of weeks now—it was out there as soon as one fan got their hands on it—but I pay for music and so it’s important to me to have the actual record. 

    Of course this presented the dilemma of where I could go to actually buy it. 

    I didn’t order it online because I didn’t want to wait and I didn’t want to pay shipping and it irks me that I just can’t walk into a goddamned record store and buy a record when it comes out. I get that this is old fashioned and antiquated but this is my process and I would buy exponentially more music if I could do this. 

    The last time I was in a record store was when I was in LA and we went to Amoeba, which almost doesn’t count, and I can’t tell you when the time before THAT was. But I dropped $150 in less than an hour in Amoeba and we timebox ourselves when we go there because it would easily be double that, because I don’t have that kind of music shopping experience available to me.

    I need to see physical product to buy records. I know that this is antediluvian and my niece and nephew will not ever relate to standing in front of a wall of music product to pick out what they want to listen to. I am not good at digital music discovery; this is probably because recommendations are always wrong or dumb (looking at you, Spotify), I forget that I’ve bought something, I don’t want to search to look things up. (Funnily I do not have this problems with apps, I use folders on my iPhone but past the first screen I generally just search for the app name.) 

    (And don’t “oh Other Music” me because I literally walked around the store for 20 minutes to try to buy something ELSE besides two copies of TGA, because as much as IDGAF I am still a 13 year old being mocked for whatever I buy by the stringy-haired record clerk wearing a bootleg Emerson, Lake & Palmer shirt inside. And they didn’t have anything else I needed or wanted, and I get that having a large inventory in NYC is impossible, but if I lived in CA I would have to have a cash-only policy when I went to Amoeba where I left the rest of my wallet in the car and only took a certain amount in when I went there because there is just ALWAYS something for me to buy there. This is not a criticism of Other Music, it’s a criticism of the fact that NYC can’t support a record store like that.

    (And I don’t have a car, so I can’t go to Vintage Vinyl.)

    (I also long for a good used books store, but that’s another thought for another day.)

  13. Gaslight Anthem pre-show take 2

    After announcing a traditional type VIP package which sold the front to whoever could pay for it, the band—to their credit—took down the package and revised it. I still think it’s a lot, but at least it’s just a thing that they’re selling and you want the front, you earn the front.


    "Dear Friends of The Gaslight Anthem,
    Thank you all for your comments, opinions and wishes last week upon our launch of the first ever Gaslight Pre-Show Package for all of our North American and European Fall tour dates. We learned a lot about what was most important to all of you, for instance, we are thankful and realize a number of our fans wait a long time before each show for first entrance to get that great spot up front. 
    That being said, we would ideally like to provide the best experiences for every sort of our fans. We had done research previously and felt a pre-show experience was something really nice which some fans would really enjoy. So, now that we have reviewed and considered all of the comments which some of you expressed online last week, we are ready to re-launch the Pre-Show Package at a lower price and excluding early entry. 
    Still included as part of this new Gaslight Pre-Show Package, we have designed an intimate soundcheck performance for each evening, and Pre-Show Package fans will then receive a download link of the songs you hear at the soundcheck performance!
    Here is what we’ve come up with—the ‘new & improved’ GASLIGHT PRE-SHOW PACKAGE costing $95 and including the following (show tickets must be bought separately):
    • Attendance to special Pre-Show soundcheck intimate performance by The Gaslight Anthem
    • Exclusive private pre-show merchandise shopping
    • Download code to for Pre-Show Package attendees to download Gaslight Pre-Show soundcheck 
    • Commemorative Souvenir exclusive ‘The Gaslight Anthem’ GET HURT Tour Laminate and Lanyard
    • The Gaslight Anthem’ GET HURT “Disposable Camera” (to take photos during the Gaslight Pre-Show soundcheck performance—please do not film soundcheck)


    ONE lucky winner will receive photo pass which entitles you access to the photo pit to take photos during the show
    *All physical items will be given out at the pre-show Soundcheck performance.  After the pre-show Soundcheck hang out is over, all Pre-Show Package holders will be escorted out of the venue to join all other fans. 
    *ALL current members of the 45 RPM Club will receive a 30% DISCOUNT to the Gaslight Pre-Show Package (a savings of more than their Club subscription price!)
    *ALL fans buying more than one Pre-Show Package will receive a 30% DISCOUNT on any additional Pre-Show Packages, more than 1, bought by the same person/credit card, lowering the average price paid per Pre-Show Package as reflected by the numbers above. In other words, if you are purchasing two Pre-Show Packages, the first Pre-Show Package purchased is $95, the second package is $66.50 (30% discount) totaling $161.50.”

  14. gabydunn:

    GIF IT




    "Do you know who that band on your shirt is?"

    "I bet your boyfriend likes this band"

    Literally this shit STILL HAPPENS TO ME. We were at a Greg Dulli show and my SO was telling some guy, “No, she’s the fan, I just go to one show a year” and he insisted on continuing to talk to HIM, despite him saying, “I really don’t know, she’s the big fan, you know, she saw the Whigs back in the day a zillion times.” 

  15. harperperennial:




    Mallory Ortberg has a voice like an old movie actress. (“Male Novelist Jokes” at the Last Bookstore in LA)

    Mallory Ortberg is everything.

    Plus three cheers for Roxane Gay snapping a pic behind her.


    (Source: youtube.com)